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Pre-Release 2022 Shinchas at a Discounted Price.

Our Shincha (new tea) will be here soon and it is a great opportunity to promote, or introduce, Japanese tea. As in the past, we will air-import our Shinchas once they are available. Until then, we are accepting pre-release orders now. This year, we are offering TWO Shinchas, Hashiri Shincha and Hachiju-Hachiya Shincha.

Terms of Pre-Order

  • Discounted prices are available for orders received by the close of business on May 1st.
  • We will ship Hashiri Shincha around May 2nd and Hachiju-Hachiya Shincha around May 16th.
  • If your order includes a mix of Shinchas or other teas, the entire order will be shipped TOGETHER.
  • If you would like separate deliveries of Shincha and other teas, please order separately or note it in the comment section of the order.
  • Shipping charges will be applied per shipment.

Please contact us at or 877-DENSTEA (336-7832) for any questions.

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