Collection: SHINCHA

"Shin" means new, and "Cha" means tea. Shincha, often called the first flush tea, is made from the tea picked during the first harvest in the spring. The first harvest of the year, usually from April to May, produces the freshest quality tea in Japan.

Pre-Release 2024 Hashiri Shincha at a Discounted Price:

  • Discounted prices are available for orders received by April 30th.
  • We will ship the Hashiri Shincha around May 1st.
  • If your order includes a mix of Shinchas or other teas, the entire order will be shipped together after we receive Hashiri Shincha.
  • If you would like separate deliveries of Hashiri Shincha and other teas, please order separately.
  • Shipping charges will be applied for each shipment.
  • Hashiri Shincha

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  • Hachiju-hachiya Shincha

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