Collection: Black Tea

Wa-koucha means Japan black tea. Den’s Tea is proud to carry this rare tea because the production of black tea is less than 1% of the entire tea production in Japan.

black tea producerThe producer of this tea, Niroku Muramatsu, was born and raised in Mariko. He grew up wanting to be part of black tea history and production in Japan and this brought him to black tea production with a passion. During his production career, he invented his own storage container for wilting and fermentation and even acquired patents for them. With his passion for black tea and the use of his special equipment, his tea has high quality color, aroma and taste. He is also particular to organic growing; however, the tea has not been certified as organic.

This tea is elegant, sweet and gentle. It's soothing aroma and flavor can induce a state of relax, so much so that the owner of the company, Den Shirakata, believes that if black tea existed in Japan 1000 years ago, it would be used for Zen training by Buddhist monks like Matcha.

  • Wakoucha Mariko

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