Collection: Oolong Tea

The Honyama Oolong is a rare lightly fermented Oolong tea from Honyama, Shizuoka. Compared to the flavor profiles of Oolongs from Alishan, Taiwan and Anxi, China (famous Oolong-producing areas) this tea rests somewhere between these Oolong teas and Japanese Sencha. Also, this Oolong tea is made of a special cultivar which gives it a coconut-like milky flavor with a sticky-sweet aftertaste.

It was over a decade ago when Tatsuji Takahashi, a passionate tea producer in Honyama, started growing Oolong tea trees. These trees grow healthy and flavorful leaves at least partially by virtue of the Honyama mountainous region's pristine weather conditions. Mr. Takahashi's work is a jewel, not just of our collection, but in the entire world of oolong teas and we are honored to be featuring it again later this year. You will not want to miss it.

  • Honyama Oolong

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