Collection: Dark Tea

Our Mori-machi Dark Tea is a post-fermented tea made in Japan. It is reminiscent of the well-known fermented tea made in Pu-erh City in China. The Mori-machi Dark Tea has a similar taste profile due to the fermenting process.

Dark Tea or Pu-erh tea, as it might be colloquially referred to, belongs in the Black Tea category in China (in Mandarin, hēichá 黑茶) and what we call "Black Tea" belongs in Red Tea in China (in Mandarin, hóngchá 紅茶)If you are familiar with fermented tea, you might expect this tea to have a strong, earthy flavor that you might have experienced with old aged Pu-erh. However, our Mori-machi Dark Tea has a bit of a toasty flavor while still possessing some greener notes. It also has a discernable sour taste from the fermentation. This sourness actually becomes a habit for some Pu-erh lovers. Note that it does not contain alcohol even though it was fermented with a Sake fermentation method.

  • Organic Mori-machi Dark Tea

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