Hachiju-hachiya Shincha

We just received our 2023 Hachiju-hachiya Shincha and have started accepting orders for this Shincha which has many special aspects about it.
  1. Earlier this year we were going to source our Hachiju-hachiya Shincha from Shizuoka. However when Den recently traveled to Japan, he tasted a new cultivar of Shincha from Chiran, Kagoshima and fell in love with it. That’s when we decided to carry it instead of the original tea.
  2. Hachiju-hachiya means Eighty-Eight Nights. Eighty-Eight Nights Shincha refers to Shincha picked on the 88th day after the first day of Spring in the traditional Japanese calendar. Hachiju-hachiya is a special day in Japanese agriculture since it is considered about the time when all plants begin to sprout.
  3. The uniqueness of this Shincha is that it is a Chu-mushi Sencha. Chu means middle and mushi means steaming. It’s a moderately steamed Sencha that is between regular Sencha (lightly steamed) and Fukamushi Sencha (heavily steamed). The steaming process brings you a well-balanced flavor and cup.
  4. This Shincha is even more special because it is made with a new cultivar, “Seimei”. Seimei was developed in response to the growing global demand for green tea. It has a stronger umami, less bitterness, and vivid green cup. Due to its high quality, it is a variety that is mainly used for Matcha and Gyokuro, but it has been made into Sencha.